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3 March 1978
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I'm a 40 yr old, enby polyamorous pan demi sapio futchy sort (who is bi AF for EddieK of LIVE and Michael Rosenbaum, LOL, and whose partner is mystified by my obsession with hawtboipron), a long time pagan flirting with the knife-edge of atheism; humanist, activist and Student of Life. I'm in flux on what I believe at the moment but I do know that I believe we could all use a little bit more trying to understand each other for gossake. I have run into some mental health stuff going on of late, exacerbated by our world's current dumpster fire, and I live in my head a lot. I spent a year abroad in Zimbabwe in southern Africa, and in Scotland during college, and seriously considered joining the Peace Corps when I got out of school so I could get back to Africa. My favorite band in existence is LIVE, love a wide variety of art and music, love to read Fantasy and SciFi. At one point my life belonged to the X-Files, but I'm in remission due to reboot retcons. I am and remain, though, converted by Smallville to a CLexaholic CLexhead CLexFIEND CLexian (to the CORE, yes, I LOVE that boy on boy action, Smallville-style, and no one can convince me those two are not secretly in total love with each other...and that that show would have been much improved if they'd actually explored the real, hard subjects they managed to walk around so carefully, and those chars would have been much improved sans gaslighting/with even a teensy smidge of communication), and I mix DCU and Marvel story lines with glorious abandon, because I don't believe in rules and IDGAF. Also write Xenagab, Spuffy, Tillow/Woz poly, 2nd gen HP, and any number of other highly problematic ships that allow me to explore subjects which I feel need exploration in our current world.

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