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Love Redeems, Love Saves!!!

CLEX, baby, YEAH!

3 March 1978
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I'm a 35 yr old, polyamorous lesbian (who is bisexual for EddieK of LIVE and Michael Rosenbaum, LOL, and whose partner is mystified by my obsession with hawtboipron), a BornAgain&Again Pagan and eclectic Wiccan, humanist, activist and Student of Life. I'm a non-Christian, tree-hugging dirt-worshipper and Nature Lover, but I get along with anyone who truly believes in loving their neighbor. I like to have fun, but I live in my head a lot. I spent a year abroad in Zimbabwe in southern Africa, and in Scotland during college, and seriously considered joining the Peace Corps when I got out of school so i could get back to Africa. I love classic rock, ADORE Indigo Girls, LIVE, Aerosmith, and 80's music, love to read Fantasy and SciFi, and am a RIDICULOUSLY dedicated X-Phile and Mulder-Scully 'relationshipper', CLexaholic CLexhead CLexFIEND CLexian (to the CORE, yes, i LOVE that boy on boy action, Smallville Style and no one can CONVINCE me those two are not secretly in total love with each other...and that Lex can, by dammit, be SAVED by Clark's love! They can save each other from a depressing world of colorless half-lives!!!), member of dozens of such Message Boards. Anyone who wants to talk about any of the above subjects will get plenty of conversation from me.