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Posting CLexfic to nano!!! Wheeee!!! @22,758 so far!


Synopsis: Part of novel-length WIP begun 2005 (the parts I'm entering thus start in the middle)...this is going to be 50,000 words cored out of what is already a 900 pg tale and still growing.

Title: “Choix-Libre” aka “Freedom of Choice”

Fandom: Smallville

Category/Pairing: Slash = CLex (duh. Is there any other? Shut up, y'all! There so isn't!)

Rating: totes NC17. Like, not even playing here, people, this is smut that evolves into straight up hawtboipron. Also, trigger-warning: rape, child abuse, addiction/substance abuse, self-harm, crime. Not a vanilla Superman story.

Genre: AU. Plot-heavy w/ romance, m/m later.

Summary: One choice can sometimes lead to a cascade of others. What would have happened if Lex hadn’t taken his father’s coup at the Caves with just a tumbler of scotch and an “Oh, well”? What would have occurred if his reaction had shown Helen just how far he’d go to keep Clark in his life? What would Helen have done to keep her hands on his money, knowing what stood in her way, and what would Clark have done if Helen had gone too far to keep him out of Lex’s life so that she could maintain her hold on him? What would Lionel have done if Lex had gone too far too soon to keep his father out of the place containing all of his answers? What would have been different if, in the midst of all the pressures and the rage these choices induced, Clark had been hit with just a little more to deal with in that moment? Would he finally have rebelled? Would he have made a different choice? And how would Lex react, if given the opportunity to hear the truth, and Clark if given the opportunity to tell it, in a different time and place? Would he turn a much-needed mirror on Clark? And most importantly; what would have occurred if Clark had had someone on his side who had understood what he was going through during his summer as an exile, and what would be the far-reaching consequences of these choices? We all have choices; choices, and the freedom to choose…if we but dare to step outside the boundaries we’ve been given. And from those choices, lives can become…legendary.

Disclaimer: Not mine. Some people over at the CW and DC own them...much to our chagrin and occasional rage-filled sorrow. I seek not profit but JUSTICE FOR LEX!!!

Spoilers: C’mon. Entire series by now, y’all. Acknowledges canon to “Accelerate”, AU from “Calling” onward, though incorporates some canon events thereafter. Also cherry-picks wider DC continuum (sometimes instead of SV), abandoned SV plotlines such as the Thomas Wayne-Veritas storyline, and other influences. Even includes some Marvel characters later on (I know, blasphemy!), because I don’t play favorites, and I do what I want.


Clark didn’t honestly know why he’d done it, but he had. He’d just been lying there in his tangle of blankets in his huge, too-soft bed in the Castle, tossing and turning. Unable to unsee things; to stop seeing them over and over. Haunting things; waking nightmares. His parents’ faces, white and terrified, with guns to their heads and knives to their throats. Lana, shaking like a leaf, drained of all color, having just killed a guy. Lex, pale as a sheet, bloodied shovel in his hand. Bodies laid out still in the barn… And all he’d been able to think about was the way everything in his life had somehow managed to get worse, not better, even with Edge out of the way and his adoption papers locked away from Lionel behind a new firewall, and the farm financially safe for the moment, and everyone finally more or less getting along, and…

And the worst part was that he knew exactly why. Because there was one thing he hadn’t dealt with yet. He still hadn’t faced up to who and what he was and what the heck was going on for him right now, inside…and worrying about it was just making it worse, and it was like there was this growing, aching emptiness inside him now every time he thought about it.

There was only one thing that ever made him feel better anymore, and in the dark of the dead of night he could no longer deny it, ran out of cope…and suddenly he’d found himself inside Lex’s bedroom; the one place he’d never let himself go, no matter how bad it got. And he’d never tell Lex in a million—a billion years—but he hadn’t come in there for the ring at all. He hadn’t even been thinking about the stupid ring when he’d gone in there.

He’d just been unable to stop himself from needing to be near Lex. Because being near Lex made it better.

Slash in the potterverse

Not sure who i enjoy more...Deamus, or Albus/Scorpius.
I know I'm preaching to the choir, but can someone come out when he was always very obviously gay? I mean, more than to himself (and gods know, that is well overdue).

Really, they both are. Well...Bruce is at least bi. But Clark?! Even if we didn't know about Lex, the boots alone call him out!



It's been an interesting night (see Facebook for details)

poetic moments pt. 2

inspired by certain rites of passage, lately:
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poetic moments lately...

inspired by certain people:
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I haz a smit.
it iz a deep smit.
it iz a good smit.



c'est l'amour...


drive-by post

I love my weird and wonderful job. On Thursday, I was driving from the woods to a clinic in the middle of town, with a cup of someone else's pee as my only passenger. Friday: non-combative wrangling. Saturday, mildly dirty jokes, pagan pride, and physical therapy. Today...training, balancing checkbooks and interacting with the census boy. Tomorrow: who knows!

I hate things that are the same every day. This is the longest I've ever been at a job...because it's CURAZY!!!

oh...ps: this incredible short film (just under 7 mins) should really be seen by as many as possible. Discuss amongst yourselves! many interpretations available.


pps: EddieK has a NEW SONG out!!!! *flips*



le sigh...

No more pagan music shows for me for a while. It was getting to be a wonderful way of life. if i didn't have SMF to prepare for/go to right away, i'd be sooo sad that the round of Tricky Pixie shows are at an end till Faerieworlds!

However, i have FINALLY stumbled across (and have gotten welcomed into, sweet folks) a LOCAL pagan community (after five years)!!! SWEET! iheart Sidhehaven! Thanks guys!

(i mean, dood. I got to be there when SOOJ and her man spun fire. !!!! SQUEE!!!)

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